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Southern California Telephone Company is the right choice for your residential telecommunication needs. As a valued customer, you will receive the speed, reliability, and quality of our world-class network. On top of high quality service, we offer flexible product sets at very attractive rates. Many of our customers let us know that one of our biggest assets is the live representative they get to speak with every time they call our Customer Service.


When was the last time you called your telephone company and the call was answered by a live telecom professional looking to serve you? Southern California Telephone Company takes pride in the fact that we have had dedicated and highly trained service representatives answer our customers’ calls for over 20 years. When you call us, you will reach a domestic customer service department based in Southern California.


Our average hold time is less than 45 seconds and most customer needs are resolved on the very first call. If you are unable to call into customer support, we have agents waiting online to hear from you via our LiveChat feature. Call now and get a live operator at 800-840-MORE or click our LiveChat feature to be immediately connected to a representative online! Southern California Telephone Company is committed to serving you.


Switching to Southern California Telephone Company is simple. You keep your existing phone number and there is NO disruption in service, you simply authorize the transfer and we make it happen. We have a variety of services for you to choose, from high speed internet to an array of voice solutions, and more. Please contact our friendly customer support team today for detailed information on what we offer and to find out which services best suit your specific needs.

Advantages of our Service:


  • Switch for free

  • No disruption of service

  • Keep existing phone number

  • Dedicated domestic customer support

  • Hassle-free transfer

  • Flexible billing options

  • One bill

  • One company

  • Big savings and friendly support!


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