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Southern California Telephone Company owns and operates one of the largest, most secure, fixed wireless networks currently available in the country – Aire Networks! We provide high speed, fixed wireless internet services via a microwave connection by placing an antenna on your building.  This connects to our fiber fed backbone, providing our customers with consistent high speed data services!  


Built by a team of specialists that love to innovate, Aire Networks is the solution to your fixed wireless networking needs. Our goal is to provide superior Internet services to under- and un-served areas. With our network, we deliver a managed internet solution for homes, businesses, schools, and downstream Wireless Internet Service Providers in rural areas that provides the reliability you are looking for and that cannot be found with other providers. To accomplish this, we are constantly upgrading our Microwave IP Transport Backbone with multiple redundant fiber feeds.  Security is always a top priority for us, and we work hard to keep your data safe across our entire network.  As a service, we can provide both public and private networks depending on your needs.


Southern California Telephone Company’s research into the development of its world class network began in 1999, with the first tower going operational in the summer of 2000. The Company now has 36 transmission sites covering more than 120 square miles with two more in the construction phase. Our fixed wireless Internet service area is one of the largest in the country, servicing hundreds of communities throughout a vast area of Riverside County and amongst commercial, residential and rural areas. We now rank in the top 10 largest high speed fixed wireless companies in the country. Our continued success is dependent upon providing the best quality of service possible with continuous investment into our infrastructure. This has given Southern California Telephone Company the tremendous growth that the Company has experienced year after year. 


To learn more about signing up for our high speed internet service, Aire Networks, call us now at (800)481-4999 or signup via the link below! 

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