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The 21st century workplace has changed and we can now work from any location at any time. As the world relies more and more on technology, Southern California Telephone Company takes a proactive approach in developing and providing to its customers the most advanced connectivity options in the market place. As a single source telecom provider, we have spent the last 27 years developing resources to ensure that we meet all of your connectivity and networking needs.


Time is money. To ensure that you allocate your hard-earned capital properly, you need a partner that understands telecommunications as well as the financial management of technology resources. At Southern California Telephone Company, our specialists are trained in optimizing your network within the framework of your business. When you receive a recommendation from Southern California Telephone Company, the information is not a one-size-fits-all suggestion based upon what we have in our bag of tools, but rather a customized solution for your business based on a hard cost ROI and sound reasoning backed by data.


We offer a full suite of solutions to fit your data networking needs. At Southern California Telephone Company, we analyze your existing telecom architecture and infrastructure and develop a strategy to seamlessly integrate an effective solution suited to your business.  

Our footprint is ever expanding, and today Southern California Telephone Company has a global reach. Whether it is providing connectivity to your home, remote offices, or large branch offices, our network solutions provide the security and connectivity that you are seeking. Our team is happy to sit down with you and establish your specific requirements and goals, and then develop an offering that exceeds your expectations!


Southern California Telephone Company’s state-of-the-art network provides the connectivity that today’s users demand. We deliver a remarkably broad and powerful set of tools that provide resiliency and redundancy, tailored to your individual needs. Our ability to provide robust bandwidth across multiple platforms creates a unique user experience that our customers value.


VOIP - Build better business efficiency while saving time and money.


As traditional telephony services transition to new applications, businesses are learning the benefits of replacing legacy systems with cloud-based or fully-managed solutions for their telecom needs. At Southern California Telephone Company, we absolutely understand this. We are one of the first Telecom companies globally to completely implement an IP-based telephony solution within our own organization prior to offering it as a product set to the market.


We also provide fully customized offerings of premise-based solutions, which means the technology resides on your premises rather than offsite on a cloud-based data center. When our customers choose an IP-driven service, that service typically needs to integrate seamlessly with their existing technology. At Southern California Telephone Company, we are experts in blending a variety of technology options and understand the intricacies of how it all works. We offer solutions to integrate your existing technology with next generation solutions to efficiently assist your business as it transitions to IP-based telephony. 



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