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Mobility is a large component of today’s corporate topography. Critical office applications must be accessible from off-site locations to allow employees to be productive during travel. Prior to the technological advancements in the field of Mobility, an employee who traveled from coast to coast would be down for a minimum of one day due to travel time. Today’s technology has decreased that downtime immensely, however it has also created a host of new problems for the IT staff supporting the mobile employee or executive.


There are many concerns facing employers due to their Mobility users, such as the combination of personal cell phone use combined with the need to secure sensitive corporate data delivered to the same device. In today’s global marketplace, data not only leaves the office, but may also leave the country as more and more companies send their staff abroad to transact business internationally.


As such, employers must ask themselves several critical questions. How do you maximize the productivity of the employee and the device while they are out on the road? How do you secure that data without destroying the end user’s experience? 


Our team of Mobility experts are here to answer your Mobility questions. Mobility today is becoming a larger part of the IT environment, not only in the amount of end users being supported but the overall cost as well. Below are some key examples of ways in which we can help you manage the Mobility environment and increase productivity.














  • Mobile Management

  • Mobile Security

  • Mobile Device Management

  • Wireless WAN Failover

  • Internet of Things (IOT)

  • Help Desk

  • PBX Integration

  • Remote Connectivity

  • Controllable and Consistent Monthly Costs

  • Standardization of Devices

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