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With a 27-plus year history of excellent customer service and an impeccable state and federal record with utility regulators, Southern California Telephone Company is the top choice for all of your telecom needs! We offer a variety of services, from traditional telephone services to state-of-the-art IP-driven systems, that together integrate mobility and let you seamlessly connect globally with your offices or customers as though you were working in the next room!


When you call Southern California Telephone Company, our representatives will provide you with detailed information on our Best-in-Class services and will help you determine which product or service best suits the specific needs of your business. Customers of Southern California Telephone Company receive outstanding quality and reliability of service while being treated with the respect and care their businesses deserve. Our live and welcoming customer service teams and account managers are dedicated to meeting your needs in just one call, allowing you to spend more time running your business. 


In addition to providing cutting edge products and services, Southern California Telephone Company delivers the lowest rates available in the market today, resulting in dramatic cost savings for our customers. Call us now and see how Southern California Telephone Company can save your business money while providing you with enhanced productivity, scalable solutions, and the outstanding customer support you deserve.


If your company has multiple offices, chances are you are probably dealing with multiple telecom providers, which means multiple agents and multiple bills at the very minimum. This is because most major national telecom service providers have specific territories that don’t seamlessly connect to each other. At Southern California Telephone Company, our footprint overlaps all telecom carriers, and we can provide services to multiple offices in multiple territories with one account team and a single bill if you choose! At Southern California Telephone Company, you will have one service provider, one point of contact, and one invoice.


Switching to Southern California Telephone Company is simple. Our customers keep their existing phone numbers and there is NO disruption in service, you just authorize the transfer and let us take care of the rest. Once transferred, you’ll enjoy the many benefits that Southern California Telephone Company has to offer. Switch now to become one of our many highly satisfied customers and part of the Southern California Telephone Company Family!


As a convenience for those that cannot take advantage of our live operators, we have agents waiting online to hear from you via Live Chat. Try calling 800-840-MORE or click our Let's Chat now to be connected to a representative online during business hours!  


One Company, One Source, One Solution

Services may vary by location and geography, please contact our sales department for more information.  (Contact Us)

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