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Inside Wire Maintenance covers:


With Inside Wire Maintenance, Southern California Telephone Company will repair faulty telephone jacks or wire inside your home.


  • Diagnostic work to determine where the problem exists.  (Inside Wire Maintenance does not include repair of phone(s) or other equipment.)  Customer is responsible for working with Customer Service Representative to isolate both inside the residence and at the Network Interface Device (NID) attached to the residence.


  • Repair and/or replacement of any connected and previously working inside wire and jacks that conform to Telephone Industry standards.


  • Coverage on all new installed or relocated telephone wire and jacks that are installed per Telephone Industry standards.


  • Customers with IWM will receive a $25.00 discount off chargeable service work if performed by technician already on site.


  • Customers with IWM will receive a 10% discount off of our hourly rate for any work which is not covered by IWM.



Inside Wire Maintenance does not cover:


Repair of telephones and other devices, such as fax machines, answering machines, and computer modems connected to the inside wire and jacks.


Inside wire and jack coverage for marine activity, recreational vehicles (RVs), construction trailers, and wire that is not properly installed/secured beneath mobile/manufactured homes.


Repair of damage due to malicious activity, vandalism, riot, civil disturbance, animal/rodent damage, damage caused by construction and/or remodeling, or any other disturbance not defined as normal “wear and tear”.


REPLACEMENT OF NON-STANDARD WIRING.  Non-Standard wiring is wiring that does not meet Telephone Industry standards or the National Electric Code Material Standards for carrying telephone signals.  Non-standard wiring may work for single level service, buy may cause crosstalk in two line service situations.  Inside Wire Maintenance will cover the repair of breaks to non-standard wire, BUT ONLY to restore the wire to original single line working condition. Inside Wire Maintenance DOES NOT cover replacement of non-standard wire.  Every effort shall be made to repair breaks in non-standard wire.  The decision to repair non-standard wire,  or replace with Telephone Industry Standard wiring will be at the discretion and evaluation of Southern California Telephone Company.

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