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Telephone Service Issues - No Dial Tone

Sometimes service issues can be solved with simple trouble shooting. Please complete the following steps to see if they will resolve the service issue.

Telephone Service Issues - No Dial Tone

Corded Phones

1. Check to see if any other phones in the home are off the hook.
2. Plug a different working phone into the wall jack.
3. If a dial tone is heard, the issues is with the original phone and the original phone needs to be repaired.
4. If there is still no dial tone, test all other jacks in home to confirm that there is no dial tone. This may indicate trouble with the phone line itself.
5. If possible, test at the Network Interface Device NID (Phone utility box usually found outside of home). A test jack should be found on the NID.
6. If no dial tone is heard at the NID please Report Trouble on the SCTC Website and a trouble ticket will be opened. An SCTC Customer Service Representative will be in touch as soon as possible with service updates via the provided email or alternate phone number.

Cordless Phones

1. Remove the batteries from the handset and unplug the telephone line and power cord to the base for 20 minutes. This should reset the phone.
2. If there is still no dial tone after the reset, follow trouble shooting steps 1-6 above.

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