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Telephone Service Issues - Cannot Make Long Distance Calls

Sometimes service issues can be solved with simple trouble shooting. Please complete the following steps to see if they will resolve the service issue.

Telephone Service Issues - Cannot Make Long Distance Calls

If you are able to make local calls but cannot make "1+" long distance dialed calls, consider the following:

1. If your services have newly been installed, check to be sure that you are subscribed with a long distance carrier.
2. Ensure that your payments are current with your long distance carrier.
3. Ensure that you have not subscribed to a product that restricts the numbers that can be dialed from your telephone.
4. Be sure that you or someone in your household has not placed a "toll blocking" restriction on your account.
5. If the trouble continues, submit Report Trouble on the SCTC Website and a trouble ticket will be opened. An SCTC Customer Service Representative will be in touch as soon as possible with service updates via the provided email or alternate phone number.

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