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Assistance for COVID-19 Impacted Customers



Pursuant to CPUC Resolution M-4848


1) Southern California Telephone Company (SCTC) will apply a moratorium on telephone disconnections for non-payment and fees for late payment for residential and small business (those with 5 lines or less) voice services customers facing financial hardship.


2) SCTC shall allow customers electing to utilize the moratorium to self-certify, either via telephone, email, or mail, that they are experiencing financial hardship, and are therefore eligible for the relief set forth in this resolution. 


3) To avoid confusion and lengthy customer service inquiries from affected customers who elect to enter the moratorium program, SCTC will not send residential and small business voice services customers late fee or disconnection notices during the pendency of this moratorium.  


4) SCTC will provide billing notices indicating flexible payment plans are available and may indicate the amount that is accruing to a customer’s account, but the notices will be clear that SCTC is not requiring affected customers to pay in full or at all during the pendency of the moratorium program.


5) The moratorium will go into effect on January 15, 2021 and will last for 90 days, unless the Executive Director authorizes one or more extensions not to exceed an additional 90 days.


6) The moratorium does not relieve customers of their financial obligations.

7) The moratorium will be offered proactively as an option to customers facing financial difficulty who are unable to enter an extended payment plan.


Kevin Reno


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